Forgotten Gem: The Emperor's New Groove (2000)

Talking about Disney films is always interesting. Some people think The Lion King is the greatest thing ever while I think they're idiots, some people cry when Bambi's mother is killed while I'm hunting around the kitchen for Hob Nobs and some people haven't given The Emperor's New Groove the time of day and should be punched in the face for it. 

Of course, the fairy tales and princesses are what we'd typically associate with everyone's favourite racist but that's a shame because Disney did consistently release 3/4 star worthy films after everyone started worshipping at the feet of Pixar and to a certain extent, Dreamworks. Along with Hercules, The Emperor's New Groove is a horrendously underrated and hilarious animated film. Watch this:

I've never been one to applaud when professional voice actors are put out of work by a host of celebs with zero talent but the casting is pitch perfect here. David Spade is annoying so he plays the overbearingly annoying Emperor Kuzco, John Goodman is a weighty but nice fellow and he plays the lovely peasant Pacha and the late, great Eartha Kitt is a goddess of immeasurable talent so here she plays the scrawny and jealous baddie of the piece. OK, that one didn't work but she's still awesome. 

The animation itself is pretty standard but whereas the classic Disney films aren't comedies, TENG is all about the funny and most of them come from Kronk aka Patrick Warburton aka The Tick aka David Puddy aka Joe Swanson. He's so amazing he even has his own theme song.

I want my own theme song.