Forgotten Gem: Very Bad Things (1998)

Back to the 90s this week with Peter Berg's Very Bad Things, a blacker than black black comedy that sees a group of friends go to Las Vegas for a stag do and accidentally kill a tiny Asian stripper. Time to watch the trailer:

Now, Very Bad Things is one of those Marmite films that unfortunately doesn't work for everyone. It's so high on violence, madness and unpleasantness that you'll either some find it tasteless or hilarious and given that my mind is a cesspool of inappropriately lewd humour, Very Bad Things is right up my street. It has a large cast of recognisable faces including the guy from Home Alone and City Slickers, the only reason to watch Entourage, the director of Iron Man, that small one from ER and the star of one of the greatest films ever that in turn inspired the title of a really good blog. 

Unfortunately, Google imaging the words 'very bad things' can lead to very bad things like this. Now I just feel dirty.