Just about the time when all of my most anticipated films of the year were making me want to smash my head into a wall, I began to hear about a little film called Monsters. I heard that it was this year's District 9, that it was a 'micro-budget' film, that it was made almost single-handedly by a young Brit called Gareth Edwards and most importantly, that it was an amazing film.

Thanks to all this hype, I had to see it and appropriately bothered the PR until I was invited to a screening. Despite everything I'd heard, I had no idea what to expect, knew very little about the plot and that definitely helped. I think that all this raving about it will cause people to flood into cinemas expecting to see lots of action, monsters ripping off heads and a very American style good vs evil style battle. If that's what you're expecting, than prepare to be let down because this is a sweet, subtle story that just happens to be set during an alien invasion. 

There are plenty of creepy crawlies and one particular scene had me on tenterhooks but I much preferred the relationship between the rather cunty but likable Andrew (Scoot McNairy - best name ever) and Samantha (Whitney Able). This is the kind of film that has my eternal support and I think Gareth Edwards is pretty awesome. Watch the video below to see how he did it. 4 stars.