A Picture Story: Jackass 3D Premiere & After Party

On Tuesday night a bunch of friends and I made our way to the BFI IMAX in Waterloo for the premiere of Jackass 3D. After passing the 'Boob Bobbing' pit we were greeted by a 'Human Fly Wall' upstairs.

Did I mention that there was a free bar? Yeah, there was a free bar.

There was also midgets/dwarves (what is the proper term?),

a real tattoo artist on hand...

...to put Johnny Knoxville's autograph on non-drunk people,

and waxers to put a lovely memento into men's chest hair. No bikini designs though.

After an hour or so of those shenanigans we finally headed in to find some popcorn and cans of Tango. I had raspberry but I swapped it for apple flavour, obvs.

Now I appreciate free shit more than anyone but I can't condone the disgustingly stale popcorn they gave us. Still, cool packet.

Then the entire gang came out...

...for an awfully awkward intro.

 But nevermind that, IT'S JOHNNY KNOXVILLE!

After the film (which is hilar btw), the privileged few of us with a wristband...

...headed off to a Covent Garden club so exclusive and pretentious that the name wasn't even on the front. But despite all that, it's apparently a great place to visit for free WiFi.

The night got just a little bit better when a trio of ladies who made me question my sexuality came out and started dancing with fire.

I have about 400 hundred pictures of them but I think this one defeats all.

But they didn't just play with fire, oh no. They rode a giant glitter ball...

...and swung from a, erm, swing.

All in all, it was pretty hot. The bar at this location was also free (apart from the motherfucking Jagerbombs) and although alcohol has many effects, it also makes people remove their shoes.

Ahh well, all in the name of fun. Massive props to Ultra Culture for hooking me up. I owe you some Twizzlers, dawg.