Top 10 Most Misleading Film Titles

I don't know about you but there's no 2010 film release I'm simultaneously dreading and looking forward to quite like Tony Scott's Unstoppable. It could truly go either way depending on my mood and whether or not Chris Pine gets his shirt ripped off for no reason but I think we can all agree before seeing Unstoppable that the train in question will indeed, be stoppable. How could it not be? With that in mind (and slightly inspired by this Twitter conversation), here are some other films that did not do what they said on the tin.

xXx 2002

What I Expected: A porno.
What I Got: A sub-par action film starring Vin Diesel

The Neverending Story 1984

What I Expected: A rather genius precursor to the now common stream of movie weekenders/all-nighters except this would last until the end of time.
What I Got: A rather good kids film that unfortunately decided to stretch to The Neverending Story 3 starring Jack Black. Still, it did give us this.

Monsters Ball 2001

What I Expected: A teen comedy of some sort set in an alternate universe where everyone is a monster and the film ends with a big dance. Or something.
What I Got: A hideously overrated drama that landed Halle Berry an Oscar for nothing more than a decent sex scene with Angelina Jolie's ex-husband.

Whip It! 2009

What I Expected: A revealing documentary about the seedy S&M underworld in America's small towns. Probably fronted by Louis Theroux.
What I Got: An alright film about rollar derby. I'll take it.

Million Dollar Baby 2004

What I Expected The true story of Madonna's 2006 adoption.
What I Got: Hilary Swank with a freakishly toned back.

American Graffiti 1973

What I Expected: Something about graffiti in America.
What I Got: An amazingly brilliant coming-of-age film that has unfortunately been overshadowed by some sci-fi series that JUST WON'T DIE.

Snatch 2000

What I Expected: ...
What I Got: Brad Pitt doing a questionable Irish accent.

Reservoir Dogs 1992

What I Expected: Dogs in a reservoir.
What I Got: Steve Buscemi in a suit.

World's Greatest Dad 2010

What I Expected: A light-hearted and slightly shit comedy starring Robin Williams.
What I Got: A piece of brilliance starring Robin Williams.

Brazil 1985

What I Expected: A film set in Brazil.
What I Got: A film not set in Brazil.

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