2011 Golden Globe Noms: What They Be Smokin'?

Yesterday the nominations for the 68th annual Golden Globes were announced to a universal reaction of "SAY WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!" Call me crazy, but I always thought the double G's were a somewhat high honour but this year makes me think that everyone who voted are all sorts of mental. Of course, some things made sense (The King's Speech, The Social Network, Burlesque and The Fighter got numerous nods and Jennifer Lawrence was deservedly recognised) but I cannot condone some of the choices. You think I'm exaggerating? Read on.

Not only have it bombed stateside and been universally panned by critics (including myself), SOMEHOW this momentous waste of time has received 3 nominations for Best Actor in a Comedy (Ha!), Best Actress in a Comedy (HAHA!) and Best Comedy/Musical (ROFL). Did the HFPA members even watch this film?! Because if they had they'd know that their decision are funnier than all of The Tourist. It would also appear that they consider walking around in pretty dresses to be top class comedic acting. Oh deary me. 

And just to add an extra dash of fuckery over this madness they also nominated The Depp for Alice in Wonderland and the film itself in the comedy/musical category. I'm a huge fan of Tim Burton but even I hated AIW and couldn't wait for the end credits to roll. What is this?! To make matters worse there was no love for True Grit. Sure, I haven't actually seen it but it is still blasphemy of the highest order.

I don't know about you but I look forward to January 16th just so I can drink everytime a piece of crap film wins something. According to the nominations, that will be A LOT. 

Full list of nominations here.