Forgotten Gem: The Craft (1996)

Do you ever lie awake at night wondering what Neve Campbell and Skeet Ulrich were up to before Scream? Well wonder no more as they were starring in this popular but somehow forgotten teen/supernatural/horror film from that glorious time known as the mid-90s. If that wasn't thorough enough then let's see what Matthew Gilbert from The Boston Globe called it:

"It's Carrie meets Clueless!" 
Thanks Mr Gilbert! You're like America's own Robbie Collin. Herez da treylah: 

What I like about The Craft is that when the girls - the weird one, the conventionally pretty one, the suicidal and the token brown one - realise they have these powers, they use it for their own personal gain. There's none of this 'using your power for good' bullocks because no person would actually do that. If I had the power to cause pain to all of my enemies I wouldn't think twice. Turns out I can't, so I just bore them to death by talking about footballers from the late 90s.

But I digress, Sarah refuses to sleep with Chris so the bastard lies to everyone that she's a shit shag. What do you do when that happens? Well, if you're anything like Nancy you cast a spell that causes him to fall in love with her. Sure he grows so insane that he almost rapes her (SPOILER), but they had the right idea and that's all that matters. Witchcraft, Fairuza Balk, Catholic school girls (over the knee socks FTW) and Skeet Ulrich getting thrown out a window? SIGN ME THE FUCK UP.