Lemmy is a person most are familiar with yet know nothing about. He's that rock star known for black clothes, cowboy boots, facial hair that hasn't changed in 30 years and a commendable commitment to Jack Daniels. Oh, he's also in a group called Motorhead too.

But do people care enough about him to sit and watch him play quiz machines, share a fag with Billy Bob Thornton and jam with Dave Grohl for two hours? One should hope so as although the film itself is nothing particular amazing (too long and too many walking shots), it's still an intriguing and entertaining look at one of rock's most enduring characters.

I caught it during LFF on the day when the infamous Vue mouse was first spotted and I was expecting it to be better than the other rock docs shown during the fest. It was but that has everything to do with Lemmy himself. He's at that wonderful age when he doesn't give a fuck and says/does/thinks/wears whatever he damn well pleases. Sure, he may have been like that in his younger years but then it was probably forced and all part of his persona whereas now it's totally authentic. Highlights include him talking with his son, rambling about other bands and telling the cameraman to naff off. He's said he was a little concerned about looking like a dick but he gets away with it. He also likes Family Guy so he won me over completely.

Unfortunately Lemmy is only showing at Picturehouses and selected cities but if you get a chance to see it, do. Let's end with a song: