The Pros & Cons of Tron: Legacy

  • It's boring.
  • Garrett Hedlund maybe the dullest leading man in history. He's not bad, he just gives you nothing to root for.
  • The glowing primary colours lose their kitsch factor after about 5 minutes.
  • The script. Egads the script! Although, if anyone ever asks me how to describe the sun, I now know to say "warm...radiant...beautiful". It's actually embarrassing.
  • They made Kevin (Bridges) into some pathetic, aged version of The Dude. I mean honestly, what in blazes?
  • It's monotonous as hell. So much in fact that when the race against time happens, you're too busy looking at your watch and wondering whether to have pizza or Nandos. FYI, Nandos always wins.
  • It takes itself so seriously. Doesn't anyone in The Grid make jokes?
  • What's happening? I fell asleep for about an hour but I get the feeling that if I were awake I still wouldn't have a bleedin' clue what was going on.
  • Poor Michael Sheen. Someone told him he was in a different fucking film.
  • The Daft Punk soundtrack is pretty good.
  • The end credits.
 I'm not even exaggerating.