Apart from Lost In Translation which I love, I've never really understood the fanfare surrounding Sofia Coppola. Yeah, she makes alright films and looks good in clothes but that's about as far as my feelings for her go. Despite that I was oddly looking forward to Somewhere, the film that scooped the top prize at Venice in a flurry of controversy.

As usual my anticipation affected matters as this is the same simple, inconsequential and obvious film that you'd expect from her. It's quite clever to have Stephen Dorff's empty movie star character live in LA's Chateau Marmont, the place celebs go to die/get high/ride motorcycles down the hall, but that's as obvious as the rest of it. Dorff and Elle Fanning are pretty damn good, not to mention Party Boy who weirdly crops up as Dorff's friend but so what? Their father-daughter issues have been done before.

It's just so...meh. The metaphors may as well be flashed across the screen because they're so blindingly obvious and yawn-worthy. In short; if you like Sofia Coppola films, you'll like this and if you don't, you won't.