Charlie's Angels Is An Underrated Classic Of Our Time

As if you needed more reason to question my sanity, a recent re-watch of Charlie's Angels has proven once and for all that it's a far better film than people give it credit for. Don't believe me? Wanna do the honourable thing and have me thrown in a loony bin? Well, here are just a few reasons why I am absolutely right and you are absolutely wrong.

It knows exactly what it is

How many times have you watched a film and complained about it's inconsistent tone? I'm guessing a few, but the beauty of Charlie's Angels is it knows exactly what it is and sticks to the same formula throughout. It's mind blowingly stupid and revels in it. In the first scene we're supposed to not notice Drew Barrymore dressed up as LL Cool J using only a mask, not question her opening a plane door (with one hand) without killing everyone on board and while we're on the subject, where the bladdy hell did the Liu come from? I have no idea. Just accept it's ridiculousness and enjoy it.

It's shamefully gratuitous

Now, I'm the last person to congratulate a film for long, lingering and unnecessary shots of decolletage (or in Cameron's case, chest) but while others like to pretend they're doing it to empower women to embrace their bodies, at least CA does no such preaching. It stars three women at the peak of their hotness and takes full advantage of it and there's nothing wrong with that if it's tongue is firmly in cheek.

It used slow motion in fight sequences before it got boring

Thanks to the flawless Bourne trilogy slo-mo fight scenes with extensive wire work is a tad passé but back in the year 2000 it was perfectly accpetable. This scene in which the girls take on George McFly is particularly awesome. 


It has nothing to do with the source material

Unlike other big screen adaptations of beloved 1970s TV shows, CA clearly has no connection with the show (apart from the obvious) and doesn't pretend to. Starsky & Hutch, Mission: Impossible and Lost In Space to name but a few bleated on and on about how the film would do the show, and it's fans, justice but guess what? They didn't. CA did no such thing so there was no reason for the Farrah fans to go mentile when it came out. Honestly is indeed, the best policy.

And that, dear friends is just the tip of the iceberg. I could go on about the soundtrack (The Prodigy, Marvin Gaye, The Vapors), the co-stars (Bill Murray, Tim Curry) and the fact that it's a mainstream film starring women who don't blather on about relationships and are characterised as fucking shoe obsessed loonies. No, Charlie's Angels is so, so much better than that.