Forgotten Gem: Romy and Michele's High School Reunion (1997)

When people say a member of the Friends cast never made an impact on the big screen I tend to laugh haughtily in their faces before Tango-ing them and running away. Why, Matt LeBlanc was in Charlie's Angels and that film with the baseball playing monkey, David Schwimmer lent his voice to Madagascar 1 AND 2, Courtney Cox played a bitch in the Scream films and before she decided to wallow in every shit rom-com ever, Jennifer Aniston starred in Office Space and The Good Girl. As for Lisa Kudrow, she did this:

You may have guessed from the title but this is about two women called Romy and Michele who attend their high school reunion. They're kooky California girls who design and make their clothes from the finest plastic known to man but they get a little insecure at the thought of coming face to face with the bitches who used to bully them and decide to fake a high-flying career in order to impress everyone. To go any further would require a massive *SPOILER ALERT* so I shall say no more and let you decide if they conform to their former classmates or decide they're better people who don't give a fuck what they think.

As charming, funny, silly and throwaway this is, I would like to throw a wholehearted and not at all condescending 'well done' Leslie Brown's way. She's the woman responsible for the exquisite and at times terrifyingly 90s ensembles worn throughout. Personally I think everyone should own a pink PVC mini dress with a faux fur trim. And just in case it all isn't 90s enough, there's an obligatory dance scene.