Forgotten Gem: Steven Spielberg Presents...Innerspace (1987)

Isn't it odd when actors seemingly fall off the face of the earth? I remember growing up and seeing Martin Short in practically everything I watched and apart from an odd appearance on telly, I haven't seen much of him recently. Oh well, we'll always have this sci-fi comedy directed by Joe Dante and "presented" by Steven Spielberg in which Dennis Quaid is accidentally injected into him. Make sense? Maybe this'll help:

Partly inspired by Fantastic Voyage, aviator Tuck (Quaid) is chosen to participate in a secret miniaturization experiment but after after an attack on the lab and a supervisor is shot, the microscopic Tuck is injected into the slightly pathetic John (Short). With a rival bunch of lab geeks on their tail, Puck must tell John what to do via his stomach to get him out and the groundbreaking secret to themselves. Basically there's a lot of Quaid making Short do things from the inside, lots of blood rushing around and lots of Sam Cooke loveliness. It's one of those films that aims for three different genres and seamlessly hits them all while others are unable to juggle and end up with nothing but an incoherent mess. There is one downside though; Meg Ryan co-stars. Look, I said it was good, I didn't say it was fucking perfect.

Ergh, let's end with a song.