Forgotten Gem: Weird Science (1985)

According to John Hughes, teenagers spend their time in detention, bunking off or having a barney or two with their lovely, lovely uncle. But what you may forget is that a few months after The Breakfast Club was released he hit us with his genius stick again with this underrated, enjoyable and thoroughly stupid teen comedy. Trailer time:

The lesson here is if you're a lonely geek desperate for a female, don't bother socialising, just use your chest full of Playboys and create an exceedingly hot woman like this. Hughes regular Anthony Michael Hall takes the lead as his usual geeky self alongside Ilan Mitchell-Smith and some lad called Robert Downey. Bet he's gone on to do nothing with himself...

It's obvious why Weird Science isn't held in such high regard among Hughes' other work because it isn't as involving as The Breakfast Club , as sharp as Ferris Bueller's Day Off or as side splittingly awesome as Planes, Trains and Automobiles. But even when Hughes is not at his best he's still a million times better than anything else and even if you don't appreciate Bill Paxton doing a very good impression of a douchebag, feel free to just stare at Kelly LeBrock. That is a woman so stunning she makes Angelina Jolie look like the friendly crackhead on my estate.