Season of the Witch

Like most people with a few functioning braincells, I do enjoy anything that involves Nicolas Kim Coppola no matter how horrendously awful it may be. Everything he does is certified gold (including the underrated Sorcerer's Apprentice) so I was more than a little bit excited to sit through 93 minutes of Cage-o-riffic ridiculousness. Alas, this is not the case as Season of the Witch is dull with a side of meh. There's no fun, no jokes, no quotable and hokey lines (except for the brilliant: "We're gonna need more holy water" which made Robbie Collin say "YEAH!" and practically punch the air), NO NOTHING! They just go along there merry way, gleeful ignoring every trait that makes films great while I nodded off after about 17 minutes. BOO!

Luckily we have Drive Hard (IN 3D) coming soon for some Nic Cage madness. But until then...