Since The Princess and the Frog politely reminded all the naysayers that no-one does a classic fairytale quite like Disney, they've returned to the big screen with another for their classic cannon. This time taking inspiration from Rapunzel, we have all the hall marks of a Disney animation. We've got the sassy and (at times) independent female lead, a dull romantic interest (on the bright side, he is nowhere as bland as Prince Eric), some animal friends with unsettlingly large personalities and an amazing villain I secretly wanted to win.

I thoroughly enjoyed it but can't help but be irked at Disney for desperately trying to re-create the magic of the classics of the late 80s/early 90s when their animation was at its finest. Everything from the Alan Menken songs to the moment the penny drops and our leads realise they're in love feels like lesser versions of scenes we've already seen. Still, that's a small niggle about a film that frequently had me LOLing and smiling through it's 100 minute running time. Shit, even Quentin Tarantino named it his 5th favourite film of 2010. I'm not joking.