The Fighter

Y'know what it's like when you work really hard at something only to be upstaged by some loud mouth whose OTT ways get all the attention? That's exactly how Mark Wahlberg must be feeling right now. While Christian Bale continues to bask in the glory of his Oscar nomination and the fact no one is talking about his mentile ways anymore, Wahlberg (who, as one of the producers, has a chance of winning the lil gold man anyway) is getting no love for his subtle, restrained and very strong lead performance. 

Lazily tagged by some magazines as "the best boxing film since Rocky" (DIE), The Fighter is the story of Micky Ward, his relationship with his drug-addled brother/trainer, his pushy mum and the many, many glamorous sisters in his life. I enjoyed the film but the more I think about it, the more I think it's a standard 3 star film, but since I rate Charlie's Angels so highly, you may want to ignore me.