LATE REVIEW: Morning Glory

Ladies and gentleman, I have some horrifying news for you. Yes, Fernando Torres has moved to Chelsea and Egypt has erupted in violence but those things pale in comparison (at least in my head) to the events of Tuesday February 1st. On that fateful day I handed over actual pound sterling to watch a film. In a cinema, With popcorn. And overpriced pick 'n' mix. And normal, non-Guardian critic people. Do you feel dirty? BECAUSE I DO!

I'm joking of course. I just love paying £2 for about 4 chocolate Brazil nuts from a sweets section that obviously hasn't been re-stocked for about 9 months and having to run to reception and complain because half the screen was missing which left me unable to drool over Bradley Cooper in his latest film trailer. EPIC FAIL PECKHAM PLEX.

I'm exaggerating of course because apart from that, my evening was lovely. While I appreciated the post-cinema pizza, numerous glasses of Amaretto and debate on whether or not men produce sperm until they die, most of the fun was due to Morning Glory, a delightful rom-com starring a some impossible-not-to-like people including Regina George, Kay Adams-Corleone, Indiana Jones and The Fly. It's a very simple story of an ambitious woman who loses her job (DAMN YOU RECESSION!) and takes on a job at a crumbling morning TV show called Daybreak. Hello, irony, is that you?

I wasn't particularly interested in the love angle with Patrick 'manly chinned' Wilson because like all career based rom-coms, it's basically saying that giving a shit about where you get in life means you can't be good with the people and enjoy sex with a manly chinned man. Everything else however, was bloody fantastic. McAdams' awkward girl routine wore thin a bit at times but she's so darn lovely my annoyance evaporated in 2 seconds, Diane Keaton is clearly having a whale of a time flapping about with ballerinas and - SPOILER ALERT! - while Jeff Goldblum is cool as fuck and Wilson adequately shows off his manly chin.

But the best thing about Morning Glory is Harrison Ford as the disgruntled, stubborn, gravelly voiced old journo with an endless display of giggle-inducing facial expressions like this:

and this:

He really needs to get more comedic roles. He spouts line after line with such conviction and over exaggeration it left my friend and I quoting them all the way home. Seriously, it's better than this.

In conclusion, Morning Glory is a rare romantic comedy that actually had me laughing (then snorting) like a buffoon instead of wanting to cut my arm off with an emery board. However, it's nice to know that even good films get shit posters:

This poster will give no one morning glory.