My Kidnapper

London based people with a thing for cinemas with art deco furnishings and floors that don't make you feel like you're walking in toffee will be fully aware of Brixton's Ritzy Picturehouse Cinema. Over the years they've hosted many an event with the likes of Janet Jackson and Quentin Tarantino but most excitingly, Richard Blackwood once turned on Brixton's Christmas lights from the balcony. They get ALL the big stars.

Last week there was an exclusive screening of My Kidnapper, a documentary detailing the relationship between a backpacker taken hostage and one of the men who held him captive for eight months in the Colombian jungle. Mark Henderson was one of the eight people captured and months after returning home, began an unlikely email correspondence with "Antonio". It was at this point I personally thought Mark was clearly mental; why the hell would you want to speak to the man responsible for putting you and your entire family through 101 days of uncertain hell? Seeing as I'm not American, closure is not something I really buy into but as the film unfolded it became clear why Henderson felt the need to go back to the scene of the crime.

At times the doc itself seemed better suited to More4 as it lacked a cinematic feel but the story is so gripping I forgave it's weaker moments. The film was followed by a Q & A with Henderson (who I hear had his first McDonald's in years at Brixton's lovely establishment) and Sam Clements, who you should all know as the sexier half of the Picturehouses Podcast and the inventor of the word 'bediting'. The decidely pretentious crowd had more than a few questions but the most amazing part was seeing what a forgiving and genuinely lovely person Henderson is. I don't know about you but if I was kidnapped for 101 days and had a chance to stitch up the man who did it, I probably would. Henderson however has no interest in doing such things and has moved on from the horrifying ordeal and remained a funny, charming and lovely man. Not that I know how he was before, mind.

My Kidnapper is deffo worth a look so do see it at your local cineplex if you get the chance.