Two British sci-fi geeks fulfill a lifelong dream by attending Comic-Con and embarking on a trip across America. While on a dusty trail they get into a crash with another car that happens to be driven by an alien (with Seth Rogen's voice) who has just broke out of Area 51 after 60 years in captivity. He convinces these geeks to give him a ride and, of course, comedy ensues.

Or does it? The screening I attended had mahoosive ROFLs at the nods to Close Encounters, Aliens and some drama from the early 90s I've ever heard of but as far as I'm concerned that's not actual comedy. Any idiot can spout lines from films and cause a giggle but I usually expect more from a 90 minute film, especially one written by the supremely talented pairing of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. Most of the parts I laughed at had nothing to do with geeky references and were genuinely funny in their own right and while their previous films lampooned genres, they did it in a fashion that was inclusive for all. Paul has made this film solely for geeks and no one else so if you don't get the references, prepare to be somewhat confused. Basically, it's taken me a paragraph to say this...

...only less eloquently.

Still, it's always amazing to see Pegg/Frost together (albiet with some dodgy fucking hair) and Kirsten Wiig is one of my absolute favourite people so that alone elevates it above any banality. The supporting cast is full of great people including Rogen, Jason Bateman and Bill Hader but lets not forget this glamorous creature:

I should mention there's a particular angle that has caused a huge amount of debate involving Wiig's character and her creationist beliefs. Some have loved it, some have hated it and others (like me) just felt it was a bit unnecessary and uncomfortable. Either way, this should be pretty tasty when it hits the States.

Paul gets a 3, from me.