Spare A Thought For Roger Deakins

This man is Roger Deakins. He was born in Devon on May 24th, 1949 and he is a fucking brilliant cinematographer. With the Oscars a mere 18 days away, everyone is talking about who'll be wearing what, whether The King's Speech will beat The Social Network and if the Halle Berry custody battle will get even nastier.

Fair questions all, but wait just a cotton picking minute, what about the other dudes? The small guys? The people no one cares about even though films couldn't be made without them? Roger Deakins is one of those guys and on February 27th, there's a slight chance he'll miss out on the golden guy for the ninth, yes ninth time.

I'm not one to say people deserve awards for previous work but when you consider this man is responsible for every Coen Brothers film since 1991, The Shawshank Redemption and acted as visual consultant on many animated films including Wall-E, it seems a damned disgrace he hasn't been honoured.

To anyone who doubt the importance of cinematographer should take a bloody good look at the clip below. I remember taking a very sharp intake of breath as I watched the wonderfully crafted events unfold at LFF a few years back and I honestly can't think of a scene more beautiful than this.

Good luck Roger, I'll be rooting for you.