Forgotten Gem: Road House (1989)

When you think of Patrick Swayze, what pops into your head? A dancer, a bank robbing surfer dude, a closeted paedo, a drag queen or an erotic pottery enthusiast? That's pretty much all he's remembered for but amongst those illustrious choices, lies a hidden work of art called Roadhouse in which Swayze plays a high-kicking bouncer hired to sort out a dodgy roadside bar...WITH VIOLENCE.

Usually I don't waste time with a synopsis because that's what IMDb is for but in this case there isn't much of a synopsis anyway. This is the kind of foolishness designed for groups of friends who love watching people beating the shit out of each other. It's basically Swayze solving all of life's little problems by kicking everyone he possibly can but if you're watching it right, each 'WHACK!' should be greeted with an enthusiastic air punch or high five. It's just so satisfying, gratifying and enjoyable you'll momentarily forget you're watching Swayze defy the laws of science with each high kick in ball bustingly tight jeans. And don't get me started on the wonders of that mullet.

I should point out that I only sourced Road House after watching an episode of Family Guy dedicated to it's brilliance. Oh Family Guy, you've given me so much.