London Based Readers: Get Yourself Down To The PCC

There is nothing more painful for a film reviewing person (I refuse to refer to my idiotholiness as a 'film critic') than paying the rather extortionate prices to watch the latest releases. It hurts and feels very, very wrong but sometimes that's the only choice you have should you a) miss a screening, b) not get invited to a screening or c) feel like fraternising with normal people for once. I rarely do such things but there are times when it's completely acceptable and the recently announced doubles season at Leicester Square's Prince Charles Cinema is one of those times. The season runs til June but here are a few you absolutely, positively cannot miss:

March 21st

Goodfellas (17.00) & The Godfather Part II (20.00) - Arguably the greatest sequel ever teamed with one of my top ten favourite films OF ALL TIME.

March 28th

Krull (18.20) & The Dark Crystal (20.50) - Mental 80s fantasy films best enjoyed with alcohol and/or mountains of sugar.

April 4th

Pretty In Pink (18.40) & The Breakfast Club (20.50) - John Hughes, John Hughes, Duckie, John Hughes, Annie Potts, Simple Minds, John Hughes.

April 11th

Little Shop Of Horrors (18.45) & The Rocky Horror Picture Show (20.50) - I've already done this double at a friend's house but I imagine it'll be just as good at the PCC. I guess.

May 16th

Se7en (18.00) & Zodiac (20.40) - Love Se7en, never seen Zodiac, love Fincher. I'm there.

May 23rd

Mean Girls (18.35) & Heathers (20.45) - Do I even need to say anything?

June 6th

Striptease (18.20) & Showgirls (20.50) - We've been over my love of crap films, right? Although to be honest, watching these two on a Monday night seems a bit wrong.

See you there! And to non-London based readers, sorry but this is what you get for not living in London.