Uh oh, here's another remake we're supposed to hate that actually matches up, if not surpasses, the original. What WILL the naysayers have to complain about now? Well yes, I said it, as much as I love Dudley Moore and Liza's gift for pencilling on some damn fine brows the much loved 1981 original has its moments (most of which belong to John Gielgud, on Oscar-winning form) but remains just aiight.

This remake starring former MTV presenter Russell Brand has more laugh out loud moments then I was prepared for and although the gags slow down towards the end and it's a tad long, I thought it was a very enjoyable watch. Notably all the figures in Arthur's 80s life have gone from men to wimmin signalling the slight change from spoilt playboy to spoilt manchild but I had no problem with that and it completely works when coupled with Brand's squeaky-voiced, dandy ways.

In short, your enjoyment of Arthur 2.0 all depends on one question perfectly illustrated by this 1 minute Paint job: