Every so often I am forced to sign an embargo forbidding me from talking about [insert film title here] until a certain date and in some cases, time. That's all well and good should the film be a wee bit pantaloons but in most cases, it only serves to make me forget everything about [insert film here] whether I liked it or not. Take Hanna for instance, a film which seems like it was adapted from a comic/cartoon/etc but is actually an original idea about a young girl trained from birth by her father to exact revenge on a woman who brushes her teeth way too hard. That has to cause gum problems in the future.

Anywho, I have no prior knowledge of Joe Wright's films because, frankly, they contain a bit too much Keira Knightley for my liking but I'll assume Atonement does not feature an albino kiddie assassin, a thumping Chemical Brothers soundtrack or Tom Hollander in some questionable attire.

A lemon yellow tracksuit with white loafers? Oh sweetie, dahling, NO. Luckily for the embargo fascists I remember liking Hanna quite a lot. It's ridiculously over-directed and so super stylish some shots look as if they actually belong in an i-D photoshoot but the fight scenes/action sequences are excellently choreographed and even the bits I should have hated (running through a tunnel has never seemed so wonderfully ridiculous), I really rather enjoyed. Oh, one last thing:

1) Attack The Block by Basement Jaxx
2) Hanna by The Chemical Brothers
3) Tron: Legacy by Daft Punk