THORoughly Enjoyable! THOR stars! THORsome! Kill Me.

In those dark and dreary times known as 'winter 2010' I put my already tattered, non-existent reputation on the line by claiming Thor would beat the shit out of Captain America in the awesome stakes. Mental as that may sound given my supreme obsession with the American Chris Evans (I LOVE YOU) I'm sticking to my guns after watching this very fun and very enjoyable, if slightly forgettable, romp from Marvel.

I feel a bit sorry for ole hammer hand given he looks absolutely rubbish next to the modern, cooler superheroes what with his old timey speak, metal garms and 1990s surfer dude hair. Srsly man, only Patrick Swayze can get away with that. But where the writers and Kenneth Branagh have worked their magic is by using his ancient ways to create some lovely, and unexpected, fish out of water humour. I haven't guffawed that much in a cinema since Harrison Ford demanded some eggs in Morning Glory. It isn't perfect by any means; it's messy, Natalie Portman is utterly redundant and Anthony Hopkins is annoyingly decent but it's such an enjoyable piece of fluff I shan't dwell on the negatives. And it goes without saying that Thor gets an extra star for Chris Hemsworth and his mighty guns:

He can wield his hammer at me anytime and so on and so forth...and in case you're wondering, Mr Hemsworth has landed himself in my top 5 'Superheroes I'd Like To Have Sexy Times With' list.

1) Chris Evans (Captain America/The Human Torch)
2) Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man)
3) Michael Keaton (Batman - The childhood favourites are the best)
4) Chris Hemsworth (Thor...gasmic)
 5) Hugh Jackman (Wolverine)
Don't ever accuse me of lacking journalistic integrity.