Todd Phillips Has Something To Say

"Carter, hand me my thinking grenades."

In the grand scheme of annoying shit you get on DVDs, the trend for unrated cuts is pretty far down the list after those 'You wouldn't steal a car...' ads and the 5 minute Blu Ray trailers that basically scream a big 'fuck you' to all the idiotholes who didn't buy the film in question in the CRYSTAL CLEAR format. What an empty life I lead sans Blu-Ray. Anywho, Todd Phillips has spoken up about the culture (if you can call it that) of unrated DVDs in the US. Basically, thousands of fools are convinced to buy unrated DVDs because they think it'll contain some edgy material and not random crap which was rightly dumped on the cutting room floor. It doesn't apply to us Brits mainly because the BBFC rate DVDs anyway but here's Phillips' semi-ramble that I'm absolutely not posting because I haven't seen any of the films released this week. So shut it.

"Warner Bros. will make your movie, your movie does well and they want to create an unrated version, which is entirely against DGA (Directors' Guild Of America) rules because it's not your cut they can't call it the 'Director's Cut'. They'll call it 'Unrated' or some ridiculous term. Really all it is, is about seven minutes of footage that you cut out of the movie for a reason."

You're trying to tell me that Hollywood directors don't always get the final say? Well stone the crows. But srsly, I hate any DVD release which promises special cuts, deleted scenes and all the crap I'm not interested in. JUST GIVE ME THE FILM. And while we're talking about Mr Phillips, the full trailer for The Hangover: Part II hit the interwebs last week. Yes, that was smooth.

Since The Hangover was my favourite film of 2009 (screw you, 'Let The Right One In'), I am treating the sequel with an appropriate amount of excitement and dread. It basically looks like the same thing all over again but less funny and more predictable although I am hearing rumblings that the twist is not what we're expecting so maybe Phillips is some sort of genius who knows exactly what he's doing and Starsky & Hutch was just an awful nightmare. Either way, they really didn't need to bring Mr Chow back because he can't top this: