Winnie The Pooh

Full disclosure: I have never read any of A. A. Milne's books or seen any of the adaptations they inspired. Don't ask why because I have no idea but thanks to the embargo I had to sign upon arriving at the Odeon West End a few weeks back my knowledge of Disney's attempt to reboot the franchise is foggy to say the least. Way to go, embargo.

However, I can remember it being utterly adorable without making me want to vomit, swathed in charm with some gorgeous traditional animation that spits in the face of all the soulless 3D films churned out every week. In completely unrelated news, hello Mars Needs Moms. Even Eeoyre's suicidal tendacies couldn't bring me down and that is one sad grey donkey.

One last thing: it's 60 minutes long. #winning