Blogalongabond: You Only Live Twice (1967)

Once again I've left my contribution to The Incredible Suit's mental brilliant 2-year Bond marathon til the very last day of the month. Whevs, just wait til the Dalton years and I'll be waffling about it for days but until then, here's 5 things I didn't know about You Only Live Twice:

Roald Dahl Wrote The Screenplay

Well this is odd. YOLT brought a new director, editor and screenwriter to the series, the latter of whom had never written a screenplay apart from the uncompleted The Bells Of Hell Go Ting-a-ling-a-ling. Turns out nepotism was the only reason everyone's favourite author of children's books got the job as Dahl was a very good friend of Ian Fleming. The film is a complete departure from the novel which gave Dahl free reign to go wherever he liked but if you think that means it's not an average Bond film, you're wrong as the biggest problem with YOLT is that it follows the tried and tested formula of previous films to a tee. Yawn.

Nancy Sinatra Sang The Theme Song

Much like Tom Jones' 'Thunderball', I genuinely had no idea Nancy Sinatra had warbled over one of the iconic Bond title sequences.  It's softer and more romantic than previous theme songs with Sinatra wistfully cooing over the Japanese influences and catchy strings that would later be sampled by Robbie Williams.

This Is Racist, Right?

The Girls Are Rubbish

No matter how awful a Bond film may be you can usually always count on some hot lady to distract you from its overwhelming awfulness but alas, the brains behind YOLT didn't get the memo because the girls are bland, boring and utterly forgettable. It's as if they didn't think anyone would notice Helga Brandt is a inferior carbon copy of Fiona Volpe but it's pretty obvious from the get go. Oh well, at least she has some serious skillz with an eyeshadow brush:

Ernst Blofeld Reminds Me Of Someone

Oh I remember.

Next Month

On Her Majesty's Secret Service i.e. the one with George Lazenby. Poor bastard.