A Few Things About 'That Guy Who Plays The Agent'

I'm sure we've all had a jolly good giggle at Ultra Culture's genius photoshoppery regarding Agent Phil Coulson's omnipresence in every Marvel film ever made. But while most may know him as 'that guy who plays the agent', Clark Gregg has had a pretty illustrious career that no-one will ever remember because he's sold his soul to Marvel. Oh well, there is a recession on and that. Anyway, here's just a few things about Mr Gregg you may not know and probably don't even care about.*

He's Been In Loads Of TV Shows:

As well as playing 'WWDK Floor Director' in Magnolia and 'Dr. Walters' in The Usual Suspects, Gregg's face has appeared on many shows including The West Wing, Law & Order, Will & Grace and CSI: NY. I remember him from an episode of Sex and the City in which he played a guy who lied his ass off in order to get into Miranda's knickers. Who knows why anyone would lie about working in Foot Locker, they get trainers for free!

He Wrote What Lies Beneath:

The mid to late 90s wasn't exactly a great period for Harrison Ford, mainly because he starred in a lot of shit, but the one film most agree was 'OK' is Robert Zemickis' What Lies Beneath. He co-wrote the script with Sarah Kernochan but I don't know who that is so let's pretend he wrote it himself, yeah?

He Directed Choke:

I haven't seen it. Nice poster, eh?

He's Married To 'Baby' From Dirty Dancing:

Well this is odd, I assumed she fell off the face of the earth after that random episode of Friends she showed up in. You learn something new everyday.

*Slow week.