Films For Life: Grease

"In what will come as no surprise to anyone I've ever encountered and nattered about films with, my ultimate film for life is of course, Grease. My mum spent an awful lot of time trying to get my older brother and I to watch films we clearly had no interest in from film noirs to foreign classics and even the mere mention of John Wayne from our dad would cause an absolute stampede to get out of the room. Despite my inherent love for a little song and dance I, apparently, didn't want to watch Grease and had to be held down in front of the telly one afternoon in the late 80s.

Well I bet my mum quickly regretted her actions as from the first viewing my obsession was cemented and the dusty old Betamax tape it was recorded on was systematically rolled out everyday (yes everyday) after school to the sheer delight of my dad (sarcasm). It joined an illustrious list of films I couldn't get enough of (see also: Stand By Me, The Princess Bride, Beetlejuice, Batman, Die Hard et al) and while my interest in some childhood favourites has waned with age, my love Grease shows no signs of abating.

Why? Because it's perfect. Director Randal Kleiser was reportedly unhappy with numerous things that make it so great from the cast who were old enough to be playing the teachers to the 70s style theme song (thanks Barry Gibb) to flat out hating some of the big numbers but it's the things that shouldn't work which contribute to its amazingness.

The sad fact is, I could go on and on about Grease but I think the main reason I love it so much is because it's the first film I truly fell in love with, that felt like it was made just for me and there's never a time I don't want to revisit it. You know how angry football fans get when someone says 'it's only a game'? That's how I feel about films and none more so than Grease. Thanks mum."

Limara Salt, 26 (today)