Yes, Another Post About Grease

I'm starting to pity the poor bastards who work for the Prince Charles Cinema because nowadays they're forced to deal with me on a regular basis. As if that wasn't bad enough, there were hordes of wine-addled women with an insatiable thirst for man juice on the prowl a few weeks back at the special screening of Grease. But not just any screening, oh no, this screening encouraged said hordes of wine-addled women with an insatiable thirst for man juice to drunkenly screech sing along with all the hits from the timeless 1978 musical that is eternally loved by a certain blogger. I mean me.

After a ridiculously long intro from some chick who gave out copies of "Scott Pilgrim Us The World", it didn't take long for everyone to get up and move and the credits was all it bloody took. I wonder how Barry Gibb would respond to hearing his lyrics and melody butchered so. He gets paid either way, right?

Everyone got into the spirit of things by dressing up including this lady who I captured at the absolute wrong time. It's alright; she was on her hen night and we all know that women stop caring about their looks when they finally tie a man down. Speaking of men, there were a few lurking around but I'm sure that has nothing to do with them wanting to get some action that night. Nope, none at all. It was much easier for dudes to dress up but some had to really go for it and make themselves look like an absolute nob. Just look at what this poor bastard has been reduced to:

Elsewhere we were provided with a bag full of useless crap items to enhance the sing along experience. The tissues were handy for 'Hopelessly Devoted To You':

The paper bags they came in were for putting on our heads (I have no idea) during 'Beauty School Dropout':

And we got to play with balloons intended for 'Blue Moon':

All in all it was a fun night once I got used to it and the wine had its desired affect. I'm so used to watching films in complete silence that initially the constant talking, yammering, singing and line reading pissed me off but it became joyous once I bonded with my fellow Grease freaks and started regaling my row with fun facts about the cast, production and finished film. I'm not sure if I'm ready for another sing along event but when I am, this'll be hard to top.