At the age of 75 Mike Mills' father came out of the closet and spent the remaining five years of his life doing as many 'gay' things as possible. He joined gay book clubs, went to gay clubs, supported gay rights organisations and started dating other gay men, and while the trailer for Beginners would have you believe that this is a whimsical and humorous indie tale, they forget to mention that the father of the piece (Christopher Plummer) reveals his terminal illness five minutes into the film. Well, there goes the comedy.

Don't get me wrong, the resulting film is fine if a little uninvolving but suffers from dodgy marketing so if the cheery poster above convinces you to see it, just expect something a little different. Ewan McGregor plays Oliver, a man dealing with the fact that his father is suddenly gay and is going to die quite soon but things start to slowly look up as he meets a French actress played by Melanie Laurent. All of these elements are thrown together as the characters all deal with their respective new (hence, beginnings) situations in a typically indie film way. There's a talking dog (kinda), arty montages (sans Joe Esposito), barely any talking (they're angsty, man) and some other stuff I can't remember. Beginnings is OK, I guess and I'd love to see Mr Plummer wear a neck tie everyday for the rest of his life but it's just so...meh. Sort of sweet and charming but ultimately forgettable.