hitRECord At The BFI

Last Saturday I joined some people at the BFI for a live hitRECord show hosted by Joesph Gordon-Levitt. For those who don't know, hitRECord is an online collaborative production company which encourages artists to submit work and create stuff with other people. My knowledge of JGL's side project can only be described as non-existent so I assumed most attendees were there because a) JGL was there and he's utterly awesome, or b) they actually had the slightest idea what it was about. Turns out, most people not only knew about hitRECord but are enthusiastic participants themselves and are on speaking terms with our movie star host. As a result, there was no intro for those who came along out of curiosity and at times it felt like a private party I snuck into. Nevertheless, despite starting almost an hour late ("technical difficulties" aka "JGL was getting his herr did") the evening was quite fun and included lots of short films, animation, songs and audience participation. Oh, I almost forgot, Anne Hathaway showed up and read us a story. 

JGL was a charming host and even though he let his ego take over to perform an Oasis track that nobody asked for, he won over his already adoring audience by immediately apologising for referring to our humble land as 'the United Kingdom of England'. Anywho, it's pretty cool that the company encourages people to collaborate and create original works and you should definitely check it out. Below is the highlights reel from the night, enjoy.