Horrible Bosses

Anyone who's left their house in the past fortnight and owns a pair of working eyeballs will have noticed the very bright and kinda OK posters adorning buses, streets and underground platforms (soz, non-Londoners) advertising ensemble comedy Horrible Bosses. How nice of the Warner Brothers marketing team to basically splash the premise all over the shop so people know exactly what they're about to watch and don't waste their money buying a ticket for a film that turns out to be completely different. Srsly, that was nice of them. Said premise might not be that original (put upon friends decide to kill their horrible bosses - SEE??!!!!) and it may not meet the gag-o-meter score accumulated by the likes of Bridesmaids but the mix of a perfect cast, fun idea and everyone clearly having a ruddy good time makes it 98 minutes of fun.

Jason Bateman, Charlie Day and Jason Sudeikis are besties tormented by their employers who are either a mean asshole (Spacey), sexual predator (Aniston) and greasy cokehead (Farrell) and for one reason or another, are unable to just quit and move on (one scene in which they meet an old friend who lost their job thanks to the recession - TOPICAL!!! - is particularly funny and sad). So instead, they enlist the help of an ex-con and plot to get rid of their tormentors the way we all wish we could, with murder. Again, not that original and although the relationship between the men is typical their chemistry is very real and you don't doubt their friendship for a second. While Spacey resurrects his performance from Swimming With Sharks and Farrell re-lives the late 90s playing a douche who's always snorting coke or shagging whores but with a Les Grossman-esque gut and combover, the relationship between Aniston and Day is particularly interesting.

This happens a lot...

For some reason that's never explained, the extremely hot - and tanned - dentist can't get laid and fancies the pants off of her chubby, hairy assitant to the extent that she's always feeling him up. It's funny and a nice change of pace for Aniston but if the roles were reversed we'd all be screaming 'RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAPPPPPPPPPPPPPEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!' instead of giggling. It's something that shouldn't be read into too much but it definitely could make a few people do this. Then again most won't notice because Aniston gets her boobies out. 

Horrible Bosses isn't as dark or funny as it thinks it is but who the hell cares when you've got an effortlessly zingy script, Colin Farrell being a fat asshole and Jamie Foxx playing a guy called 'Motherfucker Jones'. Motherfucker Jones. I'm telling you, that is gonna be next month's 'Harper Seven'.