In Pictures: The Cars 2 Press Junket

On Monday morning I dragged my tired carcass into Soho for the Cars 2 press junket where I and several other journalists would be interviewing Sir Michael Caine, Jason Isaacs and John Lasseter. For those who don't know, or haven't seen Notting Hill, a press junket is basically where "the talent" sit in a room for a few hours while seemingly hundreds of journalists come in and out at carefully scheduled intervals. As this junket was run by Disney, it was a very smooth affair featuring several PR people talking into headphones, clipboards and a mammoth amount of coffee. I must stress that while it's fun to get to talk to someone you may or may not admire about a film you may or may not have liked, most junkets are long, boring and almost always running late but thankfully, the Walt Disney company don't play that and it was the most enjoyable junket I've ever experienced. The entire floor of the Soho hotel was reserved for this event and after signing in and helping myself to a pain au chocolat...

I was told about the fun things available while I waited. The room next door had two X Box consoles and an iPad 2 with the new Cars 2 game and app to play on.

The only thing these two ladies had to do all day was play games which makes me want to sell my soul immediately in exchange for a job at the Walt Disney Company. But wait! After spending six minutes with Michael Caine (who was great, btw) I sat back down to find my eyes drawn to some curious looking bags lined up behind a table.

ZOMG! Goody bags!!!!! This lil fella certainly drew some attention from wandering eyes on the tube.

Awww. I never get goody bags/freebies so this was all very exciting even though everything in the bag will be split between the nephew, younger siblings and Disney-obsessed other half. Saddo.

I have no idea what half of it is either. And if that wasn't good enough, I came home to some One Day swag complete with a USB disguised as a cassette tape.

What a day!

Thanks to SkyMovies.com, Margot Lohan at Feref Agency, The Walt Disney Company and Universal Pictures. You awesome.