Empire Presents BIG SCREEN: Day One

Unfortunately for you I'm one of the many blogger/journalists/Londoners who've blagged their way into Empire's massively ambitious 3 day film convention, and that means you're going to be subjected to the same stuff being reported all over the internet except less funny, with less photoshoppery and two days later than everyone else. Oh well. Most people planned to get down to The O2 very early to pick up their passes, tickets and generally have a nosey around but I didn't get their til 1pm because I had better things to do.

By the time I finally got round to dragging myself there I was confronted by a rather terrifying and intimidating floor plan. Those bastards have taken over the whole bloody thing and I didn't know where to start.

It was quite clear that the best thing to do was just wander round and see what was going on and a few metres into 'Hollywood Boulevard' I was confronted by this:

I thought this was over? A quick walk from the boulevard lead to the press room which was much nicer than I expected what with its cream decor, high leather chairs, endless supply of liquids and things to nibble on (more on that later).

I bumped into some pals and wandered over to IndigoO2 which was the home of all the showcases. It's here where clips, trailers, video link ups, intros and Q&As happen, all presented by Empire's Chris Hewitt, who is now so relaxed in front of a crowd as well as a camera that his charming banter and gags was actually quite entertaining.

I think that's him. This showcase was presented by Universal Pictures and although the trailers for Tower Heist (Eddie Murphy and Ben Stiller being Eddie Murphy and Ben Stiller), The Change Up (yet another American comedy to use this track) and Johnny English 2 (why were people laughing? WHY?!) were seemingly a waste of time, most people seem to be excited about Immortals, a film I described as this. Oh, I am funny. There was an extended chat with the screenwriter and producer of Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy hosted by Ian Nathan which I should've been excited about but I wasn't. The entire thing proved to me that I really hate watching random clips of a film out of context and it wasn't helpful that TTSS is such a dense story. I haven't read the book so I was confused to say the least. Enough of all this chatting, I wanted to see some geeky movie shit and there was plenty, beginning with this:

Balloons on a DeLorean? Bloody charities. There was also this photo opportunity with a robot from that Hugh Jackman robot film,


some cars from various Bond films,

and an utterly enthralling section dedicated to The Dark Knight Rises.

After recovering from all that excitement I sat in on some panels before refusing several drink offers and heading home, mainly because this is all I'd eaten in about 4 hours.

Tasty, but not one of my 5 a day. I chose to miss Saturday's shenanigans because I actually have a life but I'll be there all day on Sunday for showcases,The Muppets, The Help and hopefully a few finosides from Nandos. Until next time.