I Can't Wait To See Puncture

Based on a true story, Puncture is the perfect kind of courtroom drama that fools like me love. Chris Evans (who appears tattooed and shirtless: immediate five stars) plays a Mike Weiss, a young lawyer who doesn't play by the rules (just look at those suits) and happens to be a drug addict. After agreeing to handle a case in which a nurse was pricked with a contaminated needle it unravels to become a health care and pharmaceutical conspiracy that irks some old men in suits and puts their small law firm, and themselves, in danger. So basically, this is Erin Brockovich wrapped in a John Grisham short story that replaces Julia Roberts in short skirts with her tits hoisted up to her chin with Chris Evans WITH HIS SHIRT OFF. I am excite. And just when I thought I couldn't get more excite, this popped up:

Michael Biehn. MICHAEL BIEHN! The same Michael Beihn who made his uncredited debut in my favourite film of all time? The same Michael Beihn who popularized overcoats and terrified the ever loving shit out of Sarah Connor? The same Michael Beihn who taught Ripley how to use a gun taller than she is? Yes, that one. It's always so odd when an actor stars in a few classics and never fulfills their leading man potential and despite working solidly for decades, Biehn has never reached the heady heights he did with James Cameron. Either way, it'll be great to see him back on screen with or without that overcoat he ripped off an innocent hobo, but lets just hope he isn't stood next to the topless Evans because no-one (i.e. Me) will notice him.