Obligatory Die Hard Post Of The Month

Since I'm on a personal mission to watch Die Hard as many times and in as many different locations as possible, there's no way I was going to miss the Die Hard/Attack The Block double bill as part of Film4's Summer Screen at Somerset House. As if that wasn't good enough, Hans Gruber himself was there to introduce it. AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There he is! In the suit! With a microphone! Despite my obsession I didn't realise Die Hard was his first film and hearing him spout brief stories about his experience while making it was a joy. Rickman doesn't do much press and he seemed slightly eager to get off the stage even though he was greeted with a standing ovation and some excitable wooping from me an idiot. Anywho, it was a great moment that caused plenty of Twitter-based jealousy and to celebrate, here are some awesome things I wanted to highlight after watching Die Hard for the 569,237th time. And that's an estimated figure...

The Soundtrack Shouldn't Make Sense, But It Does

From the cues featuring sleigh bells to rips of other famous scores, John McTiernan stamped his filmic influences all over his most notable film. Die Hard has a decidedly varied score that should do nothing but confuse everyone but as each snippet is perfectly matched to their respective characters, it's perfect. Composer Michael Kamen took Beethoven's 9th symphony and Singin' In The Rain and created several variations for specific scenes featuring Gruber and his cronies, the latter being the theme for computer nerd, Theo. McTiernan wanted those particular themes as an homage to A Clockwork Orange and even Die Hard With A Vengeance uses the Civil War marching theme used in Dr Strangelove.... That's all well and good but it's Argyle's choices that remain the best; the brief excerpt of Stevie Wonder's 'Skeletons' heard while he chats up a lady and most memorably when saying Run DMC's 'Christmas In Hollis' IS Christmas music.

John McClane Is A Fallible Hero

Nowadays (I'm so old), actors are forced to go through an excruciating amount of training and egg-downing with some neckless dude named Gunther in order to be considered a movie hero, but what makes McClane so wonderful, is that he's not some idiot running into the fire for jollies and most of the time he looks like he'd rather be at home with his kids and a cuppa. At several points during the flawless 131 minutes McClane asks himself what the hell he's doing and it seems utterly genuine. Similarly when standing atop the Nakatomi Plaza about to put his life in the hands of a bit of rubber, his voice cracks as he says to himself, "Oh God, please don't let me die". Don't worry, he doesn't.

This Line

This Speech

Awww! He really loves her despite being an unsupportive asshole. My heart, it warms.

Special Agent Johnson and Special Agent Johnson

[on the phone
"This is agent Johnson. No, the other one."

[flying in the chopper to the roof
(White) Agent Johnson: "Just like fuckin' Saigon, hey, Slick?"
(Black) Agent Johnson: [smiling] "I was in junior high, dickhead."


FYI, Die Hard 5 sounds like it's going to be shit.