Fright Night

Fright Night is a remake of the 80s classic (apparently) with Colin Farrell replacing Chris Sarandon as a vampire causing some trouble in a small town, and while it may not deliver on genuine frights, my awful cackle could be heard from across the room so I guess it was pretty funny. It doesn't help that Anton Yelchin's plucky leading man is a bit bland and uninteresting, David Tennant's Russell Brand routine wears thin the minute his eye-rolling back story is introduced and the 3D will no doubt cause Mark Kermode to smash his head into a camera, but that's a few niggles with what is as much fun as some tits (I miss you Robbie). It jumps straight into the action, some would say a bit too fast, and Colin Farrell is clearly having some fun playing the menacing vamp. And yes, he appears shirtless at one point, ladies? It's silly, decidedly average and probably unnecessary but who the hell cares when Colin Farrell is running around feasting on necks? Not me.

One for the road:

I win at journalism.