Page One: Inside The New York Times

Anyone who's wandered down 8th avenue in New York City would be hard-pressed not to notice the enormous skyscraper located between 40th and 41st street, emblazoned with 'The New York Times' across the main entrance. It's in this building where the Times, The Boston Globe and International Herald Tribune (thanks Wikipedia!) along with other newspapers are housed and somehow, director Andrew Rossi was granted UNPRECEDENTED ACCESS to the building and the people who create the third largest newspaper in America.

What follows is a mildly interesting look at the people behind the paper trying to remain relevant as everyone sells their soul to the interwebs, the importance of the print media and a valuable film for anyone interested in media, particularly journalists. Unfortunately, like a lot of documentaries, watching a group of men sit in a room chatting about what to include in tomorrow's edition is just as cinematic as one would expect and although I think this film will still be important in a decade, it isn't as riveting as some critics across the pond would have you believe. It's a conversation starter, and an important one at that, but all the interesting obstacles and discussions in the world won't stop this from ending up on More4 in a few months.