Incredibly Lazy LFF Round-Up

LFF started two days ago yet I'm already starting look like a rougher version of the image you see above, so you might as well get used to my "reviews" being even worse than usual. Hold tight chums, it's gonna be a long fortnight...

Here's my reaction to films I've seen recently:

This Must Be The Place: Entertaining but falls short of being as good as it thinks it is. Penn is great, obvs.

Dreams Of A Life: Carol Morley's quest to discover who Joyce Vincent was will probably destroy you and make you want to contact anyone you haven't chatted to for a few days. Truly upsetting and a great piece of work.

Dragonslayer: Cool skateboarding doc which is cut into eleven parts and focuses on the decidedly Californian lifestyle of one bloke in particular. HE LIKES WEED.

360: Pointless, tedious, aimless drivel that has no place in LFF let alone opening the fucking thing. I got up early for this!

The Kid With A Bike: Flawless drama about a kid with a bike (natch) coming to terms with being  abandoned by his douchebag dad. Gripping and one of the best I've seen so far. 

I'll try to actually review stuff properly but if I were you I wouldn't count on it.