BlogalongaBond Week: Octopussy (1983)

Just as Roger Moore was about to get out of playing James Bond, silly Sean Connery had to return and rock the boat by agreeing to star in an unofficial Bond outing, Never Say Never Again. James Brolin and Timothy Dalton were just a few of the names batted around by producers but once it was clear that cranky old Connery's return was scheduled to be released the same year as Octopussy, it was decided that an established actor would be better for the franchise and Moore collected a massive cheque to do even less than usual.

Clowns, the circus, fancy eggs, lesbian islands and that bloke from Beverly Hills Cop all add up to make one messy and convuluted Bond film that's not sure what the hell it's doing. By now you'd think they'd know the formula well enough to pretty it up every few years with new locations, new Bond girls and new baddies with elaborate plans to destroy something or other, but no. We go from dead clowns to dirty Cubans via a small plane hidden by a horse's backside to a jewellery smuggler, warheads and an Alfa Romeo, all as the audience (i.e. Me) wonders what the hell is going on. There's also a tennis player and that dead bird from TMWTGG.

It's not awful by any means, but just as you start to appreciate the fact that it isn't Moonraker, this (at 4.25) happens:

Good grief. They just didn't want Moore to do well, did they? Octopussy may be the most infamous and memorable Bond title but it's neither good nor awful enough to stand out among the other instalments. Next!

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