A chat with a Virgin Media operator about the Oscars

Earlier this week my mother rang up Virgin Media in her tea break to find out what channel will be showing the Oscars on Sunday. This is what happened:

Mother: I'd like to know what channel is showing the Oscars on Sunday, please.

Operator: The Oscars?

Mother: Yes, I have looked on the website and I think it's on NBC in the US but I don't know if it will be on the movie channels or Sky1 in the UK, so can you find out for me because I'll upgrade to include the movie channels if it's showing it.

Operator: The Oscars?

Mother: Yes, the Academy Awards ceremony.

Operator: Mrs Salt, what is the Oscars? (Note: Fair point, some people don't care about movies or malnourished actresses walking up and down some carpet.)

Mother: [pause] The Oscars is a ceremony where they give awards to people for their involvement in making good films. (Note: Allegedly)



Operator: [long pause] Mrs Salt, would you mind if I put you on hold whilst I speak to my supervisor?

Mother: No problem.

Operator: [longer pause] Mrs Salt, do you know you have over 100 channels?

Mother: Great, but which of them will be showing the Oscars ceremony?

Operator: Are you aware Virgin Media are upgrading their broadband service?

Mother: Yes, I've seen the adverts.

Operator: You also have a great telephone package.

Mother: You know what? I'll find out myself (note: Should've done that 10 minutes ago).

Operator: OK then. Mrs Salt, do you have any other enquiries?

Mother: No, that was the only one. Goodbye.

Operator: Mrs Salt, before you go can you say if I was helpful today?

Mother: Yes, you were very helpful.

The Oscars will be broadcast from 1am on Sky Movies Premiere on Monday February 27th, which my mother would've known if she just asked me.