The Woman In Black

Look, we all know the significance of Daniel Radcliffe's first post-Potter lead role and despite his limited acting prowess, it's highly unlikely that he'll become another Lindsay Lohan-like child actor whose career goes to hell  the moment he hits puberty and leaves the comforting bosom of a franchise that's made him richer than Richie Rich - he's too awesome for that. Still, The Woman In Black isn't exactly the most riveting film to breakout with since all he has to do is pretend to be scared and the father of a kid who looks about 5 years younger than him. Yup, DanRad not only plays a proper grown up (WITH FACIAL HAIR AND EVERYTHING!) but we're suppose to buy him as a lawyer, a father and a grieving widower. Oh dear, the casting agent got about excited, didn't he/she?

I haven't read the 1983 novel (*notices complete absence of gasps*) or seen the long-running theatre show so I can't deduce whether a big screen adaptation was even warranted, but it is nice to have a horror film rely on spooky scares instead of people ripping their own lungs out. However, the repetitive scares get boring very quickly so maybe he should've spent less time chasing suspicious sounds and more time talking about his unadulterated love of 70s pubic hair? Just a thought.