Marketing Fail No. 246,972

While walking around in this delightful spring weather I was accosted by this atrocity placed outside a phone box in Holborn and felt the need to express my annoyance with all five of you. Now, I know nothing about marketing or designing (you've seen my Photoshop crappery) and am probably in no place to criticise those who do, but giving Wild Bill the above artwork - which portrays it as some laddy British gangster flick instead of the funny and touching film about fatherhood that it actually is - is doing the film and everyone involved a great disservice. How would you entice cinemagoers who know nothing of the film and are more likely to watch The Hunger Games instead of Babyface's directorial debut, you ask? I don't know; as I said, that's not my area, but there has to be something better than this.

Anyway, the point is Wild Bill is great. Like properly, properly great (slightly more coherent review here) and you should see it. Jennifer Lawrence doesn't even get her boobs out in The Hunger Games so don't waste your time and cash on that.