We're going to be hearing 'Party Rock Anthem' for the rest of our lives.

Despite looking like a pair of twats who wouldn't last a minute in the presence of Jake Gyllenhaal, the men above are the musical duo who go by the name of LMFAO. They sell records, you see; the kinds of records young hip things like to dance to while everyone else rams a screwdriver down their ear canal. As well as being the second best-selling single ever in Australia, Party Rock Anthem is destined to feature in party movies, teen movies and movie trailers until the Gods do us all a favour and end the world. Its knack for showing up in everything my eyes have clapped on in the past fortnight has reminded me of those songs you hear in movies and how their repeated usage prompts memories of other films. Say what you like about Quentin Tarantino, but at least he bothers to look in the vaults for a song that not only suits but elevates a scene even if most people wouldn't have heard of it. And with that in mind, here are some of my "favourite" repeat offenders:

Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked vs. 21 Jump Street

If you've read Wednesday's review of 21 Jump Street (and you should!), you'd know that it's kind of awesome and not even the currently ubiquitous presence of LMFAO can change that. But THIS, however, may lead you to cause harm to those around you or yourself. You've been warned.  

The Bourne Identity vs. Collateral
If you cast your mind back to the weakest (but still awesome) instalment of the Bourne trilogy, you may remember a certain car chase in which Bourne and his ladyfriend zip around in Paris in a red Mini Cooper trying to evade the froggy 5-0. Well, no matter how hard I try can't stop that particular scene from jumping into my head whenever I watch teeny Tom kick the shit out of a bunch of clubbers in a...club. Solid proof that no good can come of listening to Paul Oakenfold.

Dirty Dancing vs. Mean Streets

If there are two films you'd assume that have fuck all in common its Dirty Dancing and Mean Streets but guess what? They have the exact same song playing over the opening credits. The Ronettes' 'Be My Baby' has been referred to as the greatest pop song ever recorded by more than a few people so it's unsurprising to find its appeared in a few films but I think there's more at play here. Another song from the classic Dirty Dancing soundtrack made its way into Casino so obviously Marty is harbouring a deep and unbreakable love for Baby and Johnny.

FUN FACT: Legend has it that Phil Spector went to watch Means Streets in a New York cinema with pal John Lennon and went crazy (awkwarrrrddddd) when he heard one of his most famous songs being used without his consent. Lennon managed to convince him that his music would reach a far greater audience - and make him some cash - if he allowed filmmakers to use it. So there you go: without John Lennon the opening of Dirty Dancing would be quite different.

T2 vs. The Parent Trap
Injecting humour into the Terminator franchise was always going to be a bit iffy and although it stretches a little thing towards the end ("I need a vacation!"), Arnie emerging from some flea-ridden bar in a leather outfit stolen from a man about half his size to the strains of 'Bad to the Bone' is undoubtedly, awesome. And it goes without saying that it beats the shit out of a pre-coke Lindsay Lohan playing cards in The Parent Trap.

Men in Black II vs. The Hangover

I remember hearing this earworm in 1998 and thinking it was so shit I'd either never hear it again or I'd be tortured by neighbours blaring it out during the summer holiday and sadly, it was the latter. On top of football fans adapting the song into chants relevant to their team/player/manager, Hollywood did its part too by relentlessly using the track in various films - the two most notable examples (in my brain) being Men in Black II and The Hangover. The Hangover isn't shit so I don't even need to pretend that this is a fair fight but while researching Men in Black II, I came across this:

Cripes. Good luck getting to sleep tonight.