Erm, wut?

Like the rest of the universe I keep forgetting that The Amazing Spider-Man even exists, and considering we're a mere 5 weeks away from release, I'm going to assume that ain't good. Now, my goldfish-like memory is not exactly an accurate predictor of future box-office takings but poor Spidey appears to have been forgotten amidst knicker-wetting trailer premieres during that show I've never watched and a life-altering (I hope) conclusion to the best superhero series evah. In comparison, The Amazing Spider-Man just looks like an unnecessary reboot promising to tells us the "untold" origin story we already know just with a blonde instead of a ginge and a lizard instead of a goblin. Are you excited yet?

Of course none of us can judge the finished product based on Sony's marketing strategy but if the above is all they've got, then fuck me are they in trouble.