Christmas has come early this year...

News of John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John's Christmas album broke last week but it's taken me a while to fully process the idea of Danny and Sandy reuniting after 34 years. First of all, let's discuss that (delightfully) camp as hell album cover. As we all know Travolta has been the subject of gay rumours for years but it reached fever pitch a few months ago when every masseuse in America claimed he was after happy endings and this cover certainly isn't going to help. Sure, I appreciate that he used his best can of spray-on hair for the occasion and those little cups filled with cocoa have warmed my heart but what's up with that dry-looking Christmas tree? Where's the tinsel, the little chocolate Santas and a fairy dressed in the gay pride flag? These people don't know anything. And the less said about Olivia's Thundercat face the better.

Cover aside, the most exciting prospect of this album (for me) is the supposed sequel to "You're the One That I Want" - apparently the best-selling pop duet of all time. "I Think You Might Like It" was written by the same man responsible for that smash and just the mere thought of Olivia stuffing herself into her old shiny pants and John gasping for air while climbing the stairs of a carnival ride is just too much for me to contend with. And if that wasn't enough the album features appearances from Cliff Richard, Barbra Streisand and Kenny G. BARBRA STREISAND!

The proceeds will be going to their respective charities and Olivia says she wants the album to make people happy. Oh it has, Olivia, it has.

Last Christmas is released on November 12th. *pre-orders*