Some things that'll probably happen in 21 and Over

In case you didn't notice, 21 and Over is the directorial debut from the writers of The Hangover which should encourage people like me to be excited about it but that's only until you remember that they also wrote The Change-Up. Yeah. 

To amp up interest ahead of its release on March 29th, Momentum Pics have released this trailer which pretty much tells us what to expect from this latest entry to the genre known as "teenage dickheads get drunk, see breasts and trash a house". Here's some other assumptions that can be taken from the trailer above:

1) Offensive jokes about Asians, and lots of em.
2) Breasts.
3) Alcohol on breasts.
4) Breasts moving in slow motion.
5) A montage. 
6) LMFAO blares at one of the parties they attend.
7) Someone experiences memory loss.
8) They end up getting chased down the street by angry women. Or cops. Or black dudes.
9) Strict Asian dad reluctantly accepts his westernised son but only after JEFF CHANG stands up to him.
10) They all end up with girlfriends at the end. Girlfriends with breasts.

Well, it can't be any worse than Project X.